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Virtual Main Switchgear

  • Arc Flash Remediation (using IE TRAP® products by ZMAC) -  Used to lower incident energy on switchgear equipment.  Prevents equipment destruction in the event of an arc flash event and lowers PPE requirements for switching operations.​ 

  • Sometimes used to facilitate primary metering  -  Requires replacement of utility transformer by customer owned unit.  Reduces cost per KWH significantly lowering energy costs for the site.

  • Pre-engineering and detail engineering resources are available on request​ to create: project documents (SOW, etc.), protective device setting review with recommendations, sensor location layout, commissioning, and construction support

  • NEC, NFPA-70E, OSHA  -  Aligns with the intent of the 2017 NEC article 240.87 (ARC Energy Reduction), the NFPA-70E (standard for electrical safety in the workplace), and OSHA.

  • ZMAC virtual main systems are available with ratings to 15,000 Volts, 2000A, 40KAIC. 

  • Contact us for more information regarding this product.

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