Enclosed Circuit Breakers

used for equipment arc flash remediation


  • Equipment Remediation (IE TRAP) -  Lowers incident energy and lowers PPE requirements on downstream equipment.​ This is accomplished by providing a fast trip to shorten the arc flash event duration and in most cases outperforms a fuse.  Note that fuses can operate faster but typically there is not enough fault current to do so.

  • Disconnect Switch -  Provides a safe, fast, and reliable disconnection point to isolate equipment from its power source.  Used to establish the electrically safe work condition described in article 120 of the NFPA-70E standard for electrical safety in the workplace.​  

  • Sequester Main  -  Sequesters the main protective device out of the downstream equipment to isolate the main incoming source of power.  Install adjacent to equipment or inside the equipment.

  • Arc Flash Warning Labels - Two (2) arc flash labels will be provided.  One label is installed on the new switch and one label is installed on the downstream equipment.  A limited arc flash analysis will be completed in SKM.  In order to accomplish this, the required minimum system and circuit information must be provided to us.

  • NEC, NFPA-70E, OSHA  -  Aligns with the intent of the 2017 NEC article 240.87 (ARC Energy Reduction), the NFPA-70E (standard for electrical safety in the workplace), and OSHA.

  • Pre-engineering and detail engineering resources are available on request

ZMAC Enclosed Circuit Breakers are available with ratings up to 2000A in NEMA 12, 3R, and 4X enclosures.  Some of our standard products are shown below.  For products not shown please fill out the Request for Quote form at the bottom or contact us @ 419-308-3684 to discuss.

Note that arc flash labels are a courtesy we provide to our customers and are not related to compensation for the equipment and can not be used as a condition of payment for the equipment.  The option of receiving labels at no cost will expire 6 months following delivery of equipment.

Note that using this product to remediate elevated incident energy in effect moves the high incident energy that may exist on equipment to the new upstream switch where the maintenance and troubleshooting requirements are minimal.​   There are some systems where an electronic trip will be needed for remediation therefore it is recommended that the system information be relayed to us for preliminary modeling.  This will be done at no charge.