IE Sentry Annunciator

  • Automated reminder using a programmable 95dB annunciator to authorized (and unauthorized personnel) that the equipment in this area has elevated incident energy and is dangerous to interact with.  The message can be customized

  • Silence push button included

  • Three adjustable timers.  Adjustable timer for continuous message repetition period (default 10 minutes), adjustable timer for message repetition rate (default 20 seconds), adjustable timer for silence period (default 30 minutes)

  • Initiation of the 95dB announcement is controlled by a motion sensor, door switch, or any other dry contact based device

  • Power source:  120VAC @5 amps.  Other options available on request

  • Input to initiate is dry contact based.  Other options available on request

  • Outputs include 12Vdc power supply for motion sensor, dry contact for pick up by SCADA system (PLC, DCS, etc.) for control room monitoring and/or history of area entry events.

  • Pre-engineering and detail engineering resources are available on request

The pre-recorded message can be modified according to customer preference.  Standard length up to 10 seconds.